Rock Band Boot Camp

Beacon, NY 
Aug 24-Aug 28
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Rock Out: this week is for Adults! with Josh Stark & Stephen Clair

Here's your chance. Send yourself to a whole week of summer rock camp.  Adults, we're going all teen-camp-style on you.  Sign up and show up to rock on Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday. Four hours of rehearsal daily.
Morning and Evening sessions available.
In addition to your 20 hours of rehearsals packed into this one week, you will have the run of the Beacon Music Factory.  Spend the intervening hours working on parts with your bandmates; take a private lesson. Write some songs.

At the end of the week, you'll put on a show—invite your friends and family
What will you play? Oh, ...AC/DC, Motorhead, Nirvana, Stooges, Metallica, Sabbath.  No messing.

Seize the day.  Rock out.  This might be the perfect week to take a field trip with your bandmates and get that tattoo you've been fantasizing about.
Fantasize no further, rock stars!
One Week of Rock Band Summer Camp for Adults
Every day for a week, M-F, August 24-28.  Performance on August 28th.
Josh Stark and Stephen Clair will be your guides.  Get ready to rock.

Register for the morning session (10am-2pm) HERE

Register for the evening session (6pm-10pm) HERE

When you join a Rock Band Boot Camp at Beacon Music Factory you will:

• have fun making music and rocking out with other eager folks.

• be expected to learn and practice your parts throughout the week

• become better at making music with others, and that will feel great.

• likely forge new friendships.

• be in a safe place where you will feel encouraged and where you, yourself, will encourage your bandmates.

• find yourself in an intimate group that meets for many weeks on end. Be mindful of your shared goals, this is a team effort. Give your bandmates the respect they deserve.

Even for those of us who play professionally, it is a privilege to be able to make music with others. We all come to this shared goal with our own unique set of experiences and ideas, but suddenly we are all depending on one another to get there. Let's simply get to it.

What is our Rock Band Boot Camp program all about? It's about making music with others, with peers, in a band situation. And it does not matter how much or how little experience you have—because you are about to become Experienced.

London Calling (Adult Boot Camp, Spring 2013)

Ziggy Stardust (Adult Boot Camp)

Video by Mark Westin.


Our Summer 2012 Adult Boot Camp resulted in the amazing band, Odd Man Out, five people who met up once a week for 8 weeks this summer, only to come away with a 10-song (!) set, and a packed debut performance at Joe's Irish Pub in Beacon. Odd Man Out is continuing to be a band! They're the latest official addition to the Beacon music scene. We wish them tons more fun playing and lots of gigs as great as their first one.

Here is Odd Man Out playing their first show ever—in Sept 2012...


...Our Adult Blues Boot Camp performed at the Beacon Barks Dog Parade, Spring 2012...

...And here are a few words from one of our kids' (ages ranging 12-15) Rock Band Boot Camps>>

This is culled from a much longer 3-part series Cablevision produced in 2011.

These are the rock campers (ages 12, 13, & 14) from the 2011 Spring session performing at Beacon Riverfest. They did quite all right.

Our Boot Camps are offered in ADULTS & KID Sessions. Anyone. Any age. These programs put you in a band and get you playing on the very first day. It doesn't matter how much or how little experience you have.

You'll learn how to truly play music with others. While rocking out with your peers in the rehearsal studio, you'll get better at your instrument and develop the skills required to play and perform with others.

Each rock camp session culminates in a student performance that parents, family and friends are invited to attend.

And while we may call it rock band boot camp, there's really so much more that we offer. Coming up, we've got new rock camp sessions in SONGWRITING and RECORDING, an investigation into real COUNTRY music, the AMERICAN SONGBOOK, FUNK and its origins, and a great new class for ELECTRIC GUITAR PLAYERS. Find out more by reading our schedule of classes.